bit of a shake up too now and again .  We take the opportunity during the day for such sleep as the circumstances permit of . We also make small fires when we can get fuel to cook our food, but we have to be very careful about smoke, as it might lead to a visit from a 'Jack Johnson.' I may mention a close shave I had the time before last in the trenches . Three of occupy the one 'kloof' or dug-out, and were having a sleep in the afternoon, when we were rudely awakened by some shells whizzing past and bursting in dangerous proximity . Several, however, did not burst, and one of these had struck the roof of our 'kloof,' twisting a bayonet up like a corkscrew, cutting through two waterproof sheets, and burrowing a hole like a rabbit's in some sand-bags . If it had burst well, perhaps you would have been spared this correspondence.

"During our four days in billets we sometimes get a bath and a change of underclothing . We had one to-day; it is exactly a month since we had one before, so we needed it . I must thank you for your generous 

offer to send out anything I need, and I will be very pleased to receive a towel and socks, as our feet often get wet . We never know when we are to get a bath and a change, so underclothing might be wasted, as we are unable to carry any more kit than we have already . I would also be very pleased to receive an old magazine . I will continue my experiences at an early date from where I left off, if all goes well .

Yours very truly, A. Arnot."

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